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Adda52 launches its first integrated poker campaign with Chris Gayle



Adda52 in soup over unfriendly TDS policies

Delta Corp owned online poker website has launched its new integrated brand campaign featuring its brand ambassador and West Indies cricketing legend Chris Gayle.

The campaign highlights the message that poker is a mind game and it enhances one’s cognitive or mental abilities. The tag line, ‘Banao dimaag ko ameer’ (make your mind rich), is fitting for the purpose.

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Adda52 claims to have over 2 million registered users and, now, aims to go mainstream with its new campaign. The ad claims Adda52’s No. 1 position in the Indian online poker industry. It is also designed to build interest and intrigue around online poker and the brand.

This integrated campaign is being distributed through TV, out-of-home channels (OOH), over-the-top media services (OTT) and digital marketing influencers.

The ad shows a rich boy flaunting the purchase of eight ‘cosmic eggs’ for an unreasonably large sum of money to his father. That’s where Chris Gayle enters and highlights that one’s money isn’t  apparently the true measure of one’s wealth, but intelligence is. The ad concludes with the line, ‘play poker on and #BanaoDimaagKoAmeer.’

The campaign’s message, ‘true wealth is intelligence,’ will resonate with both poker and non-poker players.

Adda52’s brand ambassador Chris Gayle shared his thoughts about the ad. “There are very few organizations that work beyond the lines of making a profit. is one such poker giant that is helping build awareness around the game and highlighting its true benefits. It is great to be a part of this fascinating journey brought about by the Adda52 team.”

The campaign has been designed and built by creative agency TBWA India in collaboration with Adda52. 

Sharing his thoughts behind this campaign, Mohit Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of said, “The user base playing poker in India is growing bigger with every passing day. While serious players have always liked the game for its intricacies, our aim is to make it appealing even to non-poker players. Poker is after all a skill game which helps in sharpening the mind, thus, benefiting all kind of users and that’s what we are emphasizing on in the campaign – #BanaoDimaagKoAmeer. This is the awareness we want to create among the intended audience.”

Antony Rajkumar, National Planning Director of TBWA added, “To bring scale to a game like poker, we had to address and solve for the fact that poker is a lot more than the limiting perception people carry. It is a game that calls for skill, agility, perseverance and control. It is right up there among the sports that prepares one for life’s real challenges. This is the narrative we went to work with.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JAAS

    June 13, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    I have been playing poker on site, with real cash and I want to raise my complaint against ADDA52 team. They blocked my account as well as my money. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just playing the game. It looks like they have intentionally blocked me and take away all my money. They give me weird reasons for blocking me. The point is, that even if this site blocks people, it may be its right to allow or disallow the players on their site but how can they take away the hard earned money of customers after blocking. Its clearly a case of intentional cheating. I have snapshots of the mail conversation which i had with them, which are quite clear a proof, from my side, of how they have harassed me both financially and mentally. Not only me, but the site has been practicing this, with majority of the customers.
    I am taking out my time and writing this to just avoid any other users like me to be fooled while playing poker on this website.

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