WCC is No.1 Cricket Game in the World, Announces Nazara

A recent press release by Nazara Technologies Limited announced that their franchise World Cricket Championship (WCC) has become the number one Cricket game in the world as it has amassed about 110 Million downloads in India and abroad.

WCC, which is published by Nazara’s subsidiary Nextwave Multimedia, comprises three versions of the game called WCC, WCC-2 and WCC Rivals which was recently added to the Mobile Premier League (MPL) platform.

Among the three games, Nazara claims that WCC-2 has contributed largely to the success of the franchise, as it has been featured as one of the Top 10 Games for Monthly Active Users by the App Annie Report for 3 years in a row (2016-2018). It has also been recognised as one of the Top 10 games by time spent in Android & IOS by App Annie 2016 report, and has been listed as Google Editor’s Choice (2016-2020).  It has also been listed as Google’s Best of Games (2015-2017) and Apple’s Best of Games (2016-2018).

WCC-2 features over 18 international and 10 domestic teams, 42 stadiums, and 3 match formats including T20, ODI and Test Cricket. It also features 11 tournaments including World Cup, NPL, ODI Series, World T20 Cup, Asian Cup, Ashes-to-Ashes, and Blitz Tournaments.

WCC Rivals, a multiplayer real-time cricket mobile game, also gained recognition in the first year of its launch by bagging two awards—Runner-up ‘Studio Game of the Year’ at IGDC 2019 and ‘BEST LIVE GAME’ award at GATO’19 by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in April 2019.

As per Nazara’s press release, WCC had on average 2.1 million Daily Active Users and 11 million Monthly Active Users around the year.

On the occasion, Rajendran P.R., Founder and CEO, Nextwave Multimedia said, “The commitment towards delivering the best and establishing a personal connection with our users to innovate and improvise the gameplay has helped us achieve this success in mobile cricket gaming. We believe in constantly innovating and updating the game for better user experience rather than just seasonal updates.”

WCC Franchise also announced that they are all set to launch WCC-3 to offer a combination of realistic game features and thrill of competition.

Last year, Nazara announced its intention to invest $20 million in gaming and sports startups in the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Middle-East in 2020.


Sikkim Shuts Casinos, Bans Entry of Domestic Tourists to Curb COVID-19 Impact

Sikkim’s Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang announced on Monday that entry of all domestic tourists has been banned to the Himalayan state. He also said that all educational institutes (including government and private schools, colleges and universities), discos, cinema halls, casinos, gyms, melas, and tambola will remain shut in Sikkim till 15th April 2020. These measures have been taken to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 in the state.

On 5th March, Sikkim banned entry of all foreign tourists in the state by suspending issuance of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) mandatory for nationals from other countries.

Goa also recently announced that the casinos in the state, amid other specified public facilities, will remain shut till 31st March 2020, to try to avoid the spread of novel Coronavirus. Besides casinos, the coastal state also shut educational institutes, gyms, spas, pubs, clubs, public swimming pools and theatres in Goa.

Some other states to have shut educational institutes to flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread are Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Maharashtra, among others.

The Chief Minister of Sikkim has also urged the residents of Sikkim to avoid venturing out of the state unless it’s an emergency. The government will also be turning the state tourism guest house at Rangpo into a quarantine centre.

As per Ministry of Health’s numbers at 4 PM on Monday, India reportedly had 114 cases of novel coronavirus, out of which 17 are foreigners. Two people have died in India due to COVID-19, and 13 have recovered from the virus, as reported in India Today.


Goa Casinos and Educational Institutes to be Shut till March 31 Due to Coronavirus Scare

In a recent development on COVID-19 spread prevention in Goa, the state government on Saturday announced that all educational institutes, casinos, gyms, spas, pubs, clubs, public swimming pools and theatres in Goa will be shut till 31st March 2020. Restaurant and malls in Goa will, however, remain open.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant held a meeting with the state’s health, tourism and administrative officials before making the above decision and announcement. Despite all educational institutes being shut in the state, board exams will be held as per schedule.

Earlier this week, Goa’s health minister said that he will be writing to the managements and owners of Goa casinos to take precautions against the spread of the virus at their facilities. In casinos, people have a high level of contact with other players and staff through playing cards, chips, slot machines, and other equipment.

However, in the wake of the novel Coronavirus’ impact throughout the world, the state government, on Saturday, decided that casinos will be shut with other public facilities mentioned above. There are seven offshore casinos in Goa on river Mandovi and nine on-shore casinos. The ninth on-shore casino in Goa recently received a nod from the state’s government.

On 11th March 2020, the government of India cancelled all foreign national visas and issued an advisory for Indian nationals to avoid non-essential travel abroad.

Recently, SPiCE India, which was to be conducted from 25-27th March in Goa, also got postponed due to travel restrictions placed on foreign nationals. They announced a pre-event webinar on 17th March to keep the attendees engaged.

Apart from Goa, various states including Karnataka, West Bengal, and Maharashtra have also  announced shutting of educational institutes due to the COVID-19 scare.

As of Saturday, the total number of positive novel coronavirus cases in the country soared to 88, as per an update by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Out of those infected, two people have reportedly died in Kalaburagi and West Delhi.


Goa Health Minister Will Write to Casinos to Take Precautions Against COVID-19 Spread

As COVID-19 is impacting the world, Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane recently said that he will write to the owners and management of all the casinos in the state to take precautionary measures.

“The rules that apply to all will be applicable to them (casinos). The airports already have started showing a decrease of tourists. But since many people come to casinos, I will be personally writing to them to ensure hygiene practices are put in place. As a government, we cannot directly stop people from coming, but indirectly we can hint to them,” said Rane.

Most of the games played in casinos involve high level of contact with other players and staff through playing cards, chips, slot machines, etc. Therefore, this industry is severely hit amid the novel coronavirus scare. Goa’s tourism industry is largely dependent on casinos and foriegn tourists.

Recently, the organisers of the gaming conference SPiCE India 2020, which was to be hosted at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa from 25-27th March, announced that the event will be postponed amid cancellation of all foreign visas by the Indian government due to the impact of COVID-19.

In a comment to The Indian Express, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said “Precautions are in place at Goa airport and we are ensuring that all guidelines are followed. In that sense, we are ensuring quarantines are in place. We will be ensuring we look into casinos and ensure the rules are followed.”

Goa has seven offshore casinos on the river Mandovi, which are to be moved to an alternative location, on which no final decision has been made by the state’s government. Goa’s government also recently gave a nod to the  ninth onshore casino in Goa. From February 1st of this year, locals were banned from Goa casinos.


Actress Tamannaah Bhatia Signed as Brand Ambassador for MPL, Besides Kohli

Mobile Premier League (MPL) has brought on actress Tamannaah Bhatia of Baahubali to endorse their gaming platform. Recently, MPL also renewed its association with Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli for another year.

Tamannaah is popular in Bollywood and regional film landscape and that is what makes her suitable to promote the brand across its diverse user base. She will promote MPL across all channels.

“We are pleased to have a celebrity of Tamannaah’s stature team up with MPL. Her work speaks for itself and we are excited about the prospect of this association. Tamannaah being the face of MPL across mediums is bound to resonate with our users and audience, especially in South India,” said Abhishek Madhavan, VP, Growth and Marketing, MPL.

“I am excited about being associated with MPL. In a short span, MPL has grown to become India’s largest mobile gaming platform that rewards skill, and has impacted people across the country. I look forward to working with MPL,” said Tamannaah, while commenting on her association with MPL.

MPL claims to have over 35 million users on its platform that hosts about 40 games. Ahead of Indian Premier League 2020, MPL recently added the popular online game World Cricket Championship Rivals to its five other cricket games including fantasy, cricket prediction and other skill-based games.

With marketing to sports fans covered through Kohli’s influence, association with Bhatia could be a good move for MPL to attract movie fans to its gaming platform.

Here’s a recent tweet by Bhatia on her association with MPL:


Teen Patti – Rules, Hands, Legality in India

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a card game that has its origins in the Indian Sub-continent. It has similarities to poker and is also called flash or flush in some areas of the world. This is a three-card game that is played with a deck of 52 cards. It involves both luck and skills. There are many operators in India and abroad that offer apps and websites that enable 3 patti play online.

In this article, you can explore teen patti rules, Teen Patti Apps and websites and its legal status in India.

Jump to:

A. Teen Patti Rules

B. Teen Patti Hands

B.1. Teen Patti Table – Hands and Examples

B.2. Teen Patti Hand Winning Probabilities

C. Teen Patti Variations

D. Teen Patti Apps and Websites

E. Teen Patti’s Legality in India

A. Teen Patti Rules

Rules of teen patti have been broken here into different stages of the game.

Dealing: In the beginning, a dealer is chosen by dealing a specified number of cards to each player, and the player with the highest card or hand gets to be the dealer.

The dealer deals the first round of hands, going clockwise around the table, dealing one card at a time, till each player has three cards each. After the first round of the game, the winner of each hand gets to deal the next round.

Ante or boot: This is like the buy-in of Teen patti game. Everybody puts an ante in the pot before starting the game. The betting, then, starts from the player on the left of the dealer.

Blind: There are three scenarios for the first bet in play:

  1. Two forced blinds: The person who starts betting has to place a forced Blind bet of half the amount of a regular bet. A blind bet is placed by a player who hasn’t seen their hand of cards. The second player places a big blind (the same amount as that of a bet).
  2. One forced blind: The first player places a forced bet that is half or the same amount of a bet.
  3. Optional blind: The first player has the choice to place a blind bet half or the same amount of a bet. The player can also call instead. The person playing next to a blind deal can play a blind bet matching the amount or of a higher amount than the previous blind bet or they can call or raise.

Rounds of blinds can be limited in a game, i.e. each player cannot place more than two or three blind bets.

Call or raise (chaal): A person who doesn’t play a blind bet has to call or raise. A Call generally requires matching the previous bet, but when placed after a blind bet, then a Call’s amount is double the Blind bet. A raise is generally double or more of the previous bet. A cap to a Raise is generally placed. Calls and Raises are also called Chaals.

Every bet is a new bet (unlike poker), i.e. if a player places a bet of $4 and next one places a Raise of $8, the person after the Raise will have to place $8 to Call or $16 to raise. (In poker, the third person, if placing a Call, would just place $4 to bring his bet to a total of $8).

A player who has seen their cards and feel that they are strong enough in comparison to what others may have, can choose to play a chaal.

Sideshow or backshow: A player, while placing a bet, can request a sideshow or back show from the previous player. In this case, hands of both the cards are compared, and the losing hand is packed or folded, while the other one continues to play. This move helps ensure that your hand isn’t the weakest.

Show: If all the players pack or fold, then the last player automatically wins. However, if there are two players left in the game, then one can ask for a show by placing a bet. In the case of a final show, the two hands are compared to choose the winning hand who takes the whole pot.

Teen patti chips: Like poker, 3 patti can be played with chips both real or virtual. In more intimate settings, it is also played with cash.

3 patti chips: Teen patti can be played using chips and real-money both offline and virtually.

B. Teen Patti Hands

One of the most important part of knowing 3 patti rules is knowing the correct order of teen patti hands, from best to worst:

  1. Three of a kind or trio: This hand has three cards of the same value. Among trios, three Aces are the highest and three 2s are the lowest.
  2. Straight flush or pure sequence: A sequence or straight is a consecutive set of numbers. When three consecutive cards are from the same suit, they make a straight flush or pure sequence. Here’s the order of sequences from the highest value to the lowest—A-K-Q, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, and so on, till 4-3-2. 

Note: K-A-2 is called a wraparound. It is not a valid straight flush. Often 2-3-5 of the same suit is also considered a straight flush higher than A-K-Q. The reason for this is defined in the probability section of this article.

  1. Straight or 3 patti sequence: A sequence is a set of consecutive cards that are not from the same suit. The order of sequences for a straight is the same as straight flush, and K-A-2 is not a valid straight.
  2. Flush or colour: This hand has all three cards from the same suit. Among two flush hands, the one with the highest cards wins. If card values are the same for both the players, then the highest suit wins. Here’s the order of suits for teen patti from best to worst: Spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.
  3. Pair or double: A hand with two cards of the same rank is called a Pair. The pair with the higher value wins. A-A is the highest and 2-2 is the lowest, irrespective of the third card’s value.
  4. No pair or high card: In hands with none of the above features, the highest cards are compared. When the highest card value is the same, then the second highest cards are compared and so on.

B.1. Teen Patti Table – Hands and Examples

Here’s a quick teen patti table exemplifying each type of hand, making it easier to learn how to play teen patti:

1Three of a Kind or TrioAAA, KKK, QQQ, JJJ, 10-10-10, 9-9-9,…, 2-2-2
2Straight flush or Pure sequenceA-K-Q (all hearts), K-Q-J (all spades), Q-J-10 (all spades), and so on.
3Straight or teen patti sequenceA-K-Q, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, J-10-9,…,4-3-2
4Flush or colourA-Q-J (all hearts), Q-J-8 (all spades), 8-10-Q (all diamonds), and so on.
5Pair or doubleA-A-K, Q-Q-2, 8-8-9, 10-10-A,… 2-2-Q
6High card or No pairA-7-5, K-Q-4, K-J-10, and so on.

B.2. Teen Patti Hand Winning Probabilities

Here’s a table of probability of the occurrence of each hand in teen patti (Indian poker). In this 52-card game, the sequence in which cards are dealt does not matter, but the combination of the cards in a hand matters. Total number of combinations of any unique r elements taken from a set of n unique elements is nCvar>r (COMBIN(n,r). So 3 cards taken at a time from a deck of 52 cards will lead to 52C3 = 22,100 combinations of three cards.

HandFrequencyProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityOdds
Three of a kind/Trio520.24%0.24%424.00:1
Straight flush/Pure sequence480.22%0.45%459.42:1
No Pair or High Card1644074.39%100.00%0.34:1

The possible combinations of Trio are more than Straight Flushes, making the latter more rare and valuable. Still, Trio is considered a higher hand than straight flush. To streamline the odds when you play teen patti, a popular rule is to treat 5-3-2 from the same suit as a straight flush, increasing the number of combinations of straight flushes to 52, that’s equal to Trios.

C. Teen Patti Variations

There are many teen patti variations that help spice up this game even further. Variations help widen the combinations of card sets one can get and the skills one can employ to win a teen patti game. Here are a few teen patti variations you can play with:

  1. Best of Four: Each player is dealt four cards and they have to pick any three to make the best 3-card hand. The same rules and teen-patti-hand order applies after picking the best three cards.
  2. Low wild: Each player is dealt three cards, and their lowest ranking card is considered the wild card or joker for that player. If a person has a pair of low cards, then both the cards are wild cards. Wild card value and suit can be assumed to be anything to make the highest hand.
  3. High wild: Each player’s highest card is considered the wild card. If a player has a pair of high cards, then both the high cards are considered wild cards.
  4. Wild draw: After three cards are dealt to each player, the dealer pulls out a card from the deck. All the other cards of the same rank are considered wild cards.
  5. Two-lowest wild: Out of four cards dealt to each player, two lowest cards taken together in a player’s hand are considered a wild card for that player.
  6. Cobra: Each player is dealt one card each. They place their cards on their foreheads without looking at them, after putting a pre-decided amount in the pot. Each player can look at others’ cards but their own. Players play if they think that they have the highest card of all.
  7. Blind (Kaana) King and Jack: Each player is dealt three or four cards. All the King and Jack cards with side profiles and only one eye visible (e.g., the king of diamonds, the jack of spades) are wild cards.
  8. Kiss, Miss Bliss: Five cards are dealt to each player, who can make three wild card combinations: 
    1. Kiss: A numerical sequence like A-2, 8-9 and so on. A-K is not a kiss.
    2. Miss: A pair of cards which are one rank apart, e.g. A-3, 8-10, and J-Q. Again K-2 isn’t a Miss wild pair.
    3. Bliss: A pair of cards of the same rank, e.g. 8-8, A-A, and K-K.
  9. A-K-4-7: In this, every player gets three cards, and A, K, 4 and 7 from all suits are wild cards.
  10. 4 x Boot variation: This game is the same as any other 3 patti game, but the Ante is four times the usual Ante amount set for the game.

There are many other teen patti variations like High-Low Split, Draw, Stud, Community and Lowball (Mufliss).

D. Teen Patti Apps and Websites

There are various teen patti apps and websites where you can play teen patti for free or real money. Teen patti game download apps are available on Android, iOS and Web . Some of the teen patti online platforms are 3 patti gold, Teen Patti by Octro, TeenPatti Raja, and Some oversearch online 3 patti real money platforms are also available. Teen patti online play uses random card generation using various advanced technologies. Free teen patti games are available through various websites and teen patti game apps.

E. Teen Patti’s Legality in India

Since three cards in teenpatti are randomly distributed to players and players have to play their hands based on the cards so distributed, without any scope of altering the ranking of their hands, it can be argued that teenpatti has a very high element of luck. 

In India, games involving a higher element of luck or chance are classified as gambling and playing such games for real money is banned across the country, except in legal casinos, while games such as poker which have a higher degree of skill may be legal in most states.

Since playing teenpatti does not involve application of a high degree of skills or intellect, it would be classified as gambling and playing it for real money is not permitted.

However, players can play teenpatti without any real money involved on one of the several free-to-play apps listed above. 

Alternatively, those wishing to play teenpatti may visit a casino in Goa or Sikkim to play the game in a live environment. 

Players may also look at playing poker instead, which is a more sophisticated version of teenpatti and considered to be a game of skill. Real money poker is available on various Indian websites such as PokerBaazi, Spartan Poker, Adda52,, 9stacks and Mobile Premier League.


UP Govt Says Casinos, Betting Will Not be Allowed in the State

The Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) government on Wednesday stated that it will not allow casinos in the state due to moral and economic reasons.

On Monday, in the state assembly, BJP Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Harshvardhan Bajpai questioned if the Uttar Pradesh government will consider giving licenses to casinos to boost tourism and tax revenue and prevent illegal gambling in the state.

In reply to this, Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana made the state government’s stance clear saying, “No, a casino is a certain type of gambling facility… By giving licences to casinos, it will become difficult to prevent gambling, betting and lotteries legally.”

He said that giving licenses to Casinos will encourage gambling activities, which might adversely affect law and order and have negative effects on people’s moral and economic situations.

Bajpai, on the other hand, said that gambling is already known to take place in U.P. during the IPL cricket season and that people also travel to Nepal for it, so licensing it will help generate revenue for the state.

Recently many states like Karnataka, Puducherry,  and Goa have seen some ministers and MLAs advocating licensing and allowing opening of new casinos to fill government coffers.

Goa State Ports Minister Michael Lobo recently suggested that casinos on river Mandovi should be allowed to continue operations and more casinos should be launched on other rivers in the state to raise revenue for the state. Lobo also suggested that Matka should be legalized in Goa to raise revenue for the government and prevent illegal matka rackets. Karnataka’s Tourism Minister C T Ravi recently took a U-turn on his proposal to open Vegas-inspired Gaming Station in the state to retain travellers and raise revenue after facing opposition from party members including Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi. 

Puducherry CM V. Narayanasamy’s proposal to open casinos in the state also faced opposition from the union territory’s Lieutenant  Governor Kiran Bedi, who has referred the proposal of opening casinos in Puducherry and the proposed amendments to the Puducherry Gaming Act, 1965 to the Home Ministry.

Business Gaming

Mukesh Ambani, Ruchir Sharma Talk About Online Gaming Potential in India

Potential of gaming in India is the talk of the town. The big guns in the business and research sectors are talking about gaming’s growth potential and driving factors in the country

Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man, while recently speaking with Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella, said, “Gaming will be bigger than music, movies and television shows put together… There is a huge potential” for gaming to grow in India, as per a report by EconomicsTimes.

Ambani sees a huge opportunity for gaming in India due to increasing broadband connectivity and a huge supply gap in the Indian gaming market. He didn’t comment if his new wireless upstart Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. will venture into gaming.

As per a KPMG 2019 report called The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India, revenue from online gaming is expected to rise from 43.8 billion rupees ($610 million) in the year 2018 to 118.8 billion rupees by the year 2023.

Writer-Analyst Ruchir Sharma also recently said that gaming is India’s new favourite pastime, while speaking with NDTV’s Prannoy Roy about the top 10 trends of the decade to come. In the chat, using research data provided by Sharma, Roy pointed out that, compared to music and films, gaming has a bigger global market size.

Sharma thinks that this growth in the gaming sector is not just because of smartphone use  or internet penetration, but also because there has been a substantial improvement in the quality of games being served to users. 

As per Sharma’s research data, more money is being spent on gaming than other, more common, pastimes—Twitter has $8 revenue per user, Facebook is at $19, Google is at $27, while Fortnight, which is a game, is at $96. There is a rise in the game app development companies in the Indian market, and India also has the highest game downloads in the world. However, Sharma thinks that for the mind space that gaming occupies among users, it is not being monetised as much as the market opportunity allows.

Commenting on the talks about gaming among the the likes of Ambani and Sharma, Nitish Mittersain, Founder and MD of casual and real-money gaming company Nazara Technologies Ltd., said, “It is really thrilling for us to see stalwarts like Mr Mukesh Ambani and Ruchir Sharma finally talk about gaming and the big opportunity in India today. As India’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform, we at Nazara are witnessing a strong growth momentum in all of our offerings and believe that it will surge even further. We look forward to continue working with the ecosystem to help make India the biggest gaming market in the world.”

Nazara recently announced its intention to invest about US$20 million in startups in gaming and sports in the Indian sub-continent, Africa and Middle-East over the next one year.


Will Karnataka’s Tourism Department Allow Casinos in the State?

The Tourism Department of Karnataka is considering opening casinos in the state to boost tourism and generate revenue for the state. The state expects to attract international tourists through its Vegas-inspired gambling haven. 

As per a recent report in Deccan Herald, the state’s Tourism Minister C T Ravi spoke about various aspects of this project that is still in the conceptualisation stage. Ravi said, “We need to learn from cities like Las Vegas to attract and entertain tourists. Even today, international tourists who visit Karnataka fly away to Sri Lanka or Goa just because they allow gambling.”

Ravi said that only international tourists will be allowed to gamble at the proposed station after the local public’s interest is protected. He said, the “gambling station would be a restricted one and it will be set up in such a manner that it only attracts (the) tourist crowd.”

However, after dissent from Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi, who said, “there is no need to convert Karnataka into a gambling den”, Ravi made a cautious comment stating, ‘”I am not supporting the idea directly. I bat for innovative ideas to promote tourism in the state. Only my reference to gambling stations has been highlighted in the media… Gambling Station is against the Indian culture. However, there is (a) need to prevent money from India being spent on gambling station(s) abroad,” he said, as per another report in Deccan Herald.

Ravi earlier said, “Since the government budgets prioritise food, education, sanitation, basic amenities and infrastructure, the Tourism Department has to come up with new ideas that have the potential to increase the revenue.”

The minister also earlier hinted that they are looking at developing the station with facilities at par with popular gambling destinations around the world. He said that the project will be investor-driven and the government will just formulate policies and monitor its operations.

About the location of the gambling station, Ravi added, “It will be allowed only at a particular place where the government approves.”

The opposition Congress party has however been quick to oppose the proposal and has condemned Ravi’s remarks, stating that allowing casinos in the state would be against the cultural heritage of Karnataka.

Recently, even Goa Ports Minister Michael Lobo  suggested allowing continuation of operations of casinos on Mandovi River in Goa and opening of new casinos on rivers like Chapora and Zuari to generate license and GST revenues for their state. Lobo also supports the idea of legalisation of the popular game of Matka in Goa to help shut off illegal Matka operations in the state and to fill government coffers.


MyTeam11 Launches SportsTiger App for Sports On the Go

MyTeam11, a Jaipur-based fantasy sports platform, announced the launch of SportsTiger, a multi sports aggregator app. The app will help users stay informed about the latest happenings in the world of sports like cricket, football, and tennis. It will cover international, T20-league and domestic matches. The app is targeted at young consumers of sports content.

Some of the offerings of the app will include trending 60-word sports news, live match streaming, interactive scorecards and pre and post-match video highlights. With SportsTiger, the audience will get a one-stop platform with easy access for sports content and breaking news.

Users will also be able to consume sports news on the go with SportsTiger’s ‘listen news’ feature. 

The app will also aggregate and offer full articles from original news sources. Some of the publishers from whom the news content will be derived are  Sportskeeda, CricTracker, Female Cricket, The Bridge, Cricxtasy, Sports Rush, Essentially Sports, and News Nation. Live insights will be available on team announcements, weather report, pitch conditions, player-injury updates for teams like India, Australia and New Zealand.

The video content on the app will cover interviews, podcasts, fantasy tips, and in-depth match analysis, besides match updates.

With its scorecards, real-time ball by ball commentary, match previews, prediction and statistics for tournaments like IPL 2020, Cricket World Cup 2020, La Liga, NBA, and T10 league, SportsTiger may also serve as a guide to fantasy sports players.

Users can also opt to get notifications about sports news and live matches and get access to schedules of upcoming matches of their favourite sports. SportTiger app also features social sharing options.

At the occasion of the app launch, Vinit Godara, Co-Owner of MyTeam11 said, “With the ever increasing pace of life it has become important to consume most of the things on the go including sports. Through this application we want to ensure that the user gets a 360 degree experience of their favourite sport, enabling them to stay informed on the latest in the world of sports. Additionally, the Live Streaming feature is going to be a major boost for all the users on the application… SportsTiger will also attract the fantasy game lovers who will be keen to make more informed choices while applying their skills playing on various fantasy gaming platforms.”

Dream11’s parent company Sporta Technologies also recently launched a similar sports content app called Fancode, which has crossed 10 million subscribers. It is a multi-sport aggregator. It offers live matches and scores, news and fantasy sports guides, among other related services. FanCode recently partnered with NBA to live stream the league’s matches to its fans in India.